The next generation of cybersecurity learning: Play the game, level up as a real-life hacker.

Press Play. Get your game on.

Conventional cybersecurity training can be expensive, time-consuming, impractical and—worst of all—boring. Not anymore.

The first and only one of its kind, World of Haiku literally makes a game out of cybersecurity training. Press play and it takes you to a dystopic cyberpunk world where evil dwells, challenges lurk and villains reign. Your reward for winning? Real-world knowledge that can help you launch a rewarding cybersecurity career, all for the cost of an online game.

What’s in it for you:

  • Learn while playing the game
  • Gain real-world knowledge
  • Understand cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Turn game time into career-building time
  • Break into the business without breaking the bank
  • Level-up your skills—regardless of your experience

Real World Hacking Skills

Linux Navigation commands:

  • ls
  • cd
  • pwd
  • mkdir
  • cp

Cybersecurity commands:

  • ping
  • ifconfig
  • nmap
  • hydra
  • ssh
  • johntheripper
Challenge Your Skill

Take Your Skills Further With Haiku Pro

Set in the year 2049…

The World of Haiku is a cyberpunk fantasy computer role playing game where the lines between the gaming world and the real world are blurred. As you advance through the game missions you gain real-world cyber security hacking skills with each progression. Set in a highly digitized society where giant megacorporations and covert government agencies fight for control, play the part of freelance hacker team operatives that work in the shadows of the Grid.

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The Game Environment

Entering the World of Haiku is the first step to acquiring the critical, real-world skills needed to become a cybersecurity professional. This first and only gamified cyberpunk experience provides aspiring cybersecurity professionals with fast, affordable training for a rewarding cybersecurity career, all for the cost of an online game.

The Grid

The New Cyber Space

The Grid is the term for the newly created worldwide connected device network. It's the universe where you will use your cyber hacking skills for and against the corporations and organizations that control the Grid. It was created after the Crash of 2041 which destroyed the old Internet, built in the late 20th century. The Grid is composed of various networks and Host Systems with which Grid runners interact via their terminals. The Grid is a continually evolving series of network maps which you will discover as you explore the Grid completing missions and contracts. Because of the mesh nature of the Grid, the size and shape of the physical Grid is always changing.

The Grid

Mega Corporations

The New World Empires

The Mega Corporations are the new seats of power in this dystopian future and where most of the critical data of this New World Order lie. Will you be able to find the clues that reveal the pass codes and keys to their servers, penetrate their state of the art defenses, and retrieve your prize to fulfill your contracts?

Mega Corporations

The New World Order

The Power of Politics

Old Empires have fallen and new ones have been built. Many of the secrets of the old world lie within the hidden databases of these institutions. Will you be able to find the secrets, the connections, and the knowledge that are securely locked away from the people? Will you be the one to expose the truth or will you keep that information as leverage for the future?

New World Order

The Factions

Profile: Agenda21

This is the most powerful elite cyber terrorist group. They are motivated by political, religious, or ideological causes. Their intent is to intimidate governments or sections of the population to varying degrees by seriously interfering with infrastructure. Many times, megacorps and governments will be forced to fortify their own defenses against this group or hire Cybermancers to stop their plans from being executed. Agenda21 operates at Purity Level 1*.

*Factions and Characters operate at different Purity Levels which are a categorization of the ethical and moral perspective of characters and groups.

Profile: Cybermancers

These are the original super hackers of the Grid. Cybermancers roam the internet using the most advanced proprietary hardware and software, rooting out information to help keep order and safety within the global network. They may help or hinder the plans of megacorps and governments, depending on their objectives. Cybermancers typically operate at Purity Level 5*.

Profile: The A.I.

A.I.’s (Artificial Intelligences) are self-aware, self-sustaining programs capable of directing themselves independently of human control. The most advanced of these programs are classified as Level 4 A.I.’s and are essentially artificially sentient lifeforms. Before the Crash of 41, many companies had already spent significant funds attempting to create AIs. By 2042 there were hundreds of registered A.I.’s, and presumably many more unregistered illegal A.I.’s roaming the Grid.

Profile: The Dealers

This is the organization of hackers on the net who ‘know how to get things done’. They are dealmakers, middlemen, fences, smugglers, and information brokers. They are intimately connected to the pulse in cyberspace with contacts in circles high and low, reputable and deplorable. Dealers operate almost exclusively at Purity Level 2.

Profile: The Ronin

These are the independent grid runners. They may have been former Cybermancers, Agenda21 members, or even Dealers. But for whatever reason, they have chosen to leave those organizations and venture out on their own as free agents independent from the constraints of rules. These hackers focus on their own agendas that are outside of the scope of the other organizations. Ronins can span the entire spectrum of Purity Levels ranging from 1-6.


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